Executive Team

Louise Thurman, M.D., M.P.H. – Founder and CEO

Board certified in psychiatry in 1994, Louise has been a Certified Principal Investigator since 2000 and a PI on more than 500 clinical trials in more than 20 different disease states and indications. Louise has been an invited member of panels and advisory boards for pharmaceutical industry, patient service groups, and business organizations.

Sherri Thurman, C.P.A.- Director of Finance and Clinical Operations

With over 30 years experience in public accounting as well as 21 years experience in private practice, Sherri began her relationship with IPS as a financial advisor in 2005.

Hossein 0079 CropHossein Dabiri, Esq. – Director of Business Development

Hossein has successfully negotiated clinical trials and budgets for over 50 clinical trials since taking over this role in April, 2014. Having successfully established new pipelines and sponsor contacts for clinical trials, Hossien has also added community liaison staff to increase community awareness of research at facilities with physicians, their staff, and the community at large.

Physician Staff/Sub-Investigator

Leland Dennis, M.D. – Sub Investigator

Dr. Dennis completed his psychiatric residency at Duke University in 1993. Since that time, he has provided clinical care as well as conducted clinical research. He was an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at OUHSC and has focused on adult and geriatric patients in clinical care. After four years of mixed clinical care/clinical research now focuses exclusively on clinical research.

Study Coordinators

Study coordinators are an integral part of our research team. They are highly qualified and experienced in collecting and entering data in electronic systems and ensuring compliance by detailed review and in depth knowledge of study protocols and procedures.

Matt Korstjens, M.A., L.P.C.
Jennifer Vicinus, B.S.
Greg Vaughan, M.D.
Hai Nguyen, R.N.

Support Staff

Regulatory/QA Supervisor

Kelley 0225 Crop
Kelly Frost, B.S.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Brittany Atkinson

Intake Coordinator

Kevin 0178 Crop
Kevin Short, B.S

Intake Coordinator

Jasmine Redmond, B.S.

 Lab Tech/Research Assistant

Lena Fuentes

Office Assistant

Allison Bigbie

Office Assistant

Stephanee Bennett









Administrative Assistant

Jason Thomas