IPS Research utilizes an Intake Coordinator and Community Outreach Coordinator dedicated to patient recruitment for all studies. Our innovative patient recruitment strategies, driven by comprehensive data collection and analysis, ensure we use the most effective method of advertising to reach our target population. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding our enrollment and retention goals.

Our wide reaching and flexible approach to patient recruitment is central to our success in enrollment and includes the following:



  • Over 13,000 registered volunteers
  • All ages represented within a wide range of indications and diagnosis


  • Television
  • Internet and social media
  • Radio
  • Print

Community Involvement

  • Community in-service and educational programs
  • Referrals from community mental and medical health centers
  • Regular attendance and participation at community health events

Physician Referral Development

  • Full network of physicians on staff that serves as investigators in their specialty area
  • Partnerships with physicians are constantly developing as we continue to expand our clinical trials into new indications
  • Each physician brings their expertise and patient pool to our database and into your pharma partner’s studies

Refer-a-Friend Cards

  • We encourage our patients to share our information with their family and friends and provide Refer-A-Friend cards with current enrolling trial listings
  • 5% of all study participants originate through this method