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A clinical trial to evaluating an investigational treatment for conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

Category: Conjunctivitis
Age Range: Any Age

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Do you have redness, watering, or irritation of the eye?

You may have conjunctivitis.

The Synchronize research studies are being conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a non-antibiotic investigational drug targeting the two main causes of conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. Adults and children of any age may be able to take part as long as no treatment has been initaited.

Qualified participants must have:
  • redness, watering/discharge, or irritation in at least one eye less than 3 days
  • not started any treatment for the symptoms, such as steroids or antiboiotic drops
Qualified participants may receive:
  • Study-related care and study drug at no cost
  • Compensation for time and travel

For more information, you can contact us at 405-235-8188, by email at or complete the trial application and we will be in touch shortly.

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